Arizona Traffic Control Services

We all have a job to do, and your job as a contractor or special event coordinator is not making sure your traffic control company is doing their job. When you partner with Southwest Barricades you can sleep easy at night knowing that at least your traffic control is going to be setup properly and on time. Our traffic control plans are drawn with the latest software specifically designed for drawing traffic control plans. Our drivers are dispatched by our knowledgeable dispatchers using G.P.S. technology... what that means for you is a faster response time and no more watching the minutes tick by with your crew waiting on the side of the road.

Our excellent service doesn't stop at the job site. After completion when you receive our bills you will notice another difference. We try to make our billing easy to understand, so no more trying to decipher invoices by codes and dates. Our billing is easy to read and billed out quickly so you can bill the owner of the project faster, get paid faster, and move on to the next project... Faster.

Give us one chance to show you what we are capable of. We have the resources, and barricades to handle any size job. All of our jobs no matter how small are given a designated point of contact. That means no more phone system run-a-round trying to get a hold of someone. We eat, breath, and live traffic control, it's what we're best at. So leave the traffic control to the Traffic Control Professionals.

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